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At 1 am you wake up to the sound of your cell phone, it turns out it's your coworker, you work at a 24 hour super market, and you work the night shift.

in this game you have to complete the tasks you are supposed to do, there are also several jump scares here, so prepare your heart!

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Main Features

  • Jumpscare (Monsters)
  • Heart Attack System (If it's full, you get a bad ending)
  • Optimized players compared to previous YapGamedev games
  • Clean User Interface
  • Simple Gameplay
  • Low Poly
  • Made in Unity URP which should not lag when played on mid to low end computers, there is also a settings menu.


  • W A S D to Move arround
  • LMB to Interact
  • SPACE to Drop box
  • SHIFT + W to Sprinting

Feel free to donate, support me as a solo game developer to continue growing, help me to produce games on steam =)

Updated 21 hours ago
Published 25 days ago
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(23 total ratings)
Made withUnity
TagsAtmospheric, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, Low-poly, Monsters, Psychological Horror, Short, Singleplayer, Spooky
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Horrible Night at The Store !

all jokes, good ah jumpscares a lil confusing tho

goor game

Gameplay from Indonesia 馃榿

Very nice. Got some genuine jump scares out of me :)

Fun game though I wish the monster had felt more interactive since it feels like all the jumpscares are scripted. But still, seeing how completely unfazed the protagonist is was quite funny. Overall good game, will definitely be checking out other games from you!


my biggest fear :D


(2 edits)

Ive only played this on roblox but now im making a video playing the actual game so wish me luck

Can you give me the game maybe in the form of a link or something so I can check out the game you mentioned? (I鈥檝e never played Roblox games before & have never made a game on Roblox)

i dont think you can make links but if you download the app and look up "horror" or "late night shift" you will probably find it :)

loved the game scared me the whole gameplay lol 

Guys, Im hosting a jam and it starts in a day. It is horror themed so if anyone wants to join please feel free and share it with your friends as nobody has joined yet. Short Horror Games - itch.io

Hi there! This is an honest evaluation of the game for anyone who watches it. 

Please give credit to the developer for this video. I've shared my honest opinion and ideas regarding the game.

 Why am I speaking here? It's because I enjoy playing indie games like this one and am a small content creator who wants to grow.

 I hope my video is enjoyable. All in all, I had enjoyment with this game!

i loved this game tysm for making it make more games like this <33 (yes i was one of the first to play)

what is that creature? lol

pretty cool game kinda funny too lol 

Hi, I played this game and had an amazing time! Excellent jumpscares :)

I enjoyed the game, and the experience was pretty funny, I only had problems with the game's lighting, but I got it to have a cool experience, I hope you continue to produce games, another great job, keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR

Will You Release This Horror Game on Android?

sorry, apparently not :)

I wish you had published it on Android, you would have earned as much money on Android as you did on your computer. This is sad. We, mobile gamers, would like to see such horror games published on Android. We would be happy about this.

I will try to get the game published to the Playstore, I have planned it, I just need to optimize the game鈥檚 performance.

Okay Brother, This Will Be Good Really And When This Horror Game Is Released On The Play Store, I Will Be The First To Buy And Install It So, When Will You Publish This Horror Game On The Play Store? Really, Your Horror Game Is Very Good, Everyone Will Buy And Play This Game. All You Have To Do Is Play This Game. It Will Be Released on the Store. On What Date Will You Release This Horror Game on the Play Store? So, how will you optimize the performance of the game? You will do it. If you do it, it will be great. Come on, you can do it, brother. I trust you. All you have to do is to optimize the performance of the game. Really, thank you for doing this, brother.

omg loved it! need more

this game gave me such a jump lol thanks for making it!

Played this on a 3 scary games, good concept, got me with a couple of jumps, keep up the good work

A nightshift full of jumpscares! (GERMAN)

Love this developer and thier games! This one is fun as heck. Check out the new video 

It's not that scary, and I find it funny, but it's enjoyable

to play. Nice game!!!

Very nice game!

Was pretty descent got me a few times!!

Not going to lie you got me a few times lol, but I pressed on. Thank you for this fun game. :)

Oooo! nice my boy Yap coming out with a new game! I gotta check it out soon

This was one of the games I played for this video. Overall wasn't bad and had some pretty good qualities 7/10 


imo, this shit was funny, not as scary but i liked it. 100/10 for me (i would have donated but im broker than .. broke fr)

Hey there!

I just got to play your game during my last game stream!

It was a nice fun experience!

Keep it up, cant wait for your next one!

Love the concept!

tomei muito susto e me fez rir muito! Parab茅ns!

ahaha this gamew is cool

That screamer almost gave me a real heart attack, LOL!



Even Though This Game Was Really Simple, It Had It Moments Of Interesting Gameplay And Overall Just Fun. 7.5/10.

Good game 馃敟

Please check my other videos and subscribe 馃檹馃徎馃珷

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