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After the first complete passage, it doesn't get so scary. This... it even touches

Un juego misterioso y con un final inesperado. Recomendado!

nice work =) that could have turned out pretty bad but the person only wanted their phone back

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good game, scared me half to death, if i have flastlight mybe that good to looking a raound

btw thanks to let us playing u game

Très bon jeu 🕹 j'adore 💕 

funny game actually

thanks for playing!!

This is a good game. I wish it was longer.

hi YapGameDev again I want tell know that I beat the horror game call Unknown Phone I will give you the link I hope you watch it YapGameDev I hoping I get super cadit…

I loved the signs in the house; they were so sweet! I enjoyed the game and can't wait to see what else you are able to create! 

Short, fun, spoopy game. 

Loved the environment in this game! It definetly created a spooky feeling that kept me on edge throughout the game! The twist at the end was totally unexpected too, haha :)

My only feedback is that I wish some decisions had a bigger impact on the game! I think that would bring a super cool element.

(ps if you want to see some gameplay it starts at ~0:25 in my video!)

This game was....oddly scary but GG non the less

This was definitely a unique experience but I am not sure it is a horror game? Was there a different ending if you made some other choices?

Ominous, a good scary game

Really enjoyed this one

played it a couple weeks ago but forgot to link it here. 

This game made me so anxious! I love the twist at the end! Keep up the great work, YapGameDev! I'll share this game on Discord! 

thanks you!!! :)

You're so welcome!!

Another great game from you, YapGameDev! This has so much potential for an even bigger project, if you so desired, which I mention in my video but for what it was, I still enjoyed it. Please take a look :)

Thanks for the advice, but unfortunately I’ve stopped working on this game project, I’m currently focusing on the next project..

WAIT FOR A NEW SHORT HORROR GAME FROM YAPGAMEDEV!, which will be more exciting and scary than this game…

Thanks for playing!

You're welcome! That's awesome, I can't wait to play it.  I really enjoy your games, keep up the great work!

This game felt unique with the choices I was able to make and I loved the story though I would love for it to be explained a little more.. maybe? I wish there was more to this game cause it was a cool little experience for sure.

Cool game:)

Very cute game. And as for horror, it is extremely surprising. I already play not the first game from this author (I also played Replace the Lamp) and this game also shows the style of this author, which is very cool. And yes, no matter how cute this horror is, at the beginning it can really scare) But the ending was extremely pleased, although I would like more endings themselves, such as in the same Replace the Lamp. Well, at low quality, the text becomes unreadable on the note, but this is already a texture problem. In general, the game came out really very good and cute, I definitely liked it (finally got around to editing, I went through it on the 6th, and then .. uh a little bit late)

Thanks!!!, I realized the note text can’t be read, I put the text in the dialog text section, also thanks for playing the game Replace the Lamp!!!, I made that game since I was still adapting to UnityHDRP, I hope you enjoy the game!, thanks =)

Thank you very much for fixing the text, and for the games in general. I hope you keep up the good work, huh

Interesting game! 

Quite like the funny, simple experiences that this dev produces. You know you're not in for anything too crazy but you still have a fun time! The gameplay style is growing on me. :3

Just leave abandoned phones alone!!!

This was a fun and interesting game. Good stuff!

This was a fun, interesting game with an unexpected ending.

Imagine picking up a random phone on the road. Pfft, couldn't be me. >.>


Audio was super creepy. Need more of this suspense though!


Overall nice short game.. I wish there was more! 

AWESOME tension held through the experience!


thanks for playing!!!

nice =D starts at 5:55. There was a little technical difficulty on my end (editing out now) but video is up =).

Thanks for playing :)

Very Cool, short and simple

Its The Second Game

Thanks for playing!!!

Nice and simple game

I played and did a vidya of your game! it had a good atmosphere gave me the spooks.

Hi, What a nice game, very impressive!


YO YAPGAMEDEV! This was mad creepy, it's wild if this situation were to happen irl, I'd be gone fr. Great game though!!

YO!, thanks for playing:)

Just a lovely new phone. Nothing wrong here.

Game had me a lil nervos ngl

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