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I don't want to be an electrician...

Why must changing lights be so hard. Love the different ending.

thanks for playing!!!

Okay you got me with the jumpscares! 

Very thank you very much!!!, thanks for playing, hope you enjoy it :)

A good game and a good atmosphere! Fun!

Thanks for playing :)

Ah que buen juego, mira el video!

awesome game, I definitely got scared a couple of times Lol


Me ha gustado mucho! me aventuré con los 3 finales, de verdad espero el siguiente juego!!!

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This Game scared the crap out of me! 

love it

This game scared the living crap out of me many many times.  It was a struggle walking around not knowing what was coming next.  Really enjoyed this one.  Great Job.

i love this game

the game itself is good

i like the endings[more than one

they add detail to the game 

however i feel like these were cheap jumpscares meaning they could be made better and at unexpected times

Either way i like the game. It is a good game to try out

thanks :)

Fantastic short horror game with great atmosphere!

Game starts at 0:47

i made it thru all the endings + the secret one this was cool af tbh ur valid bro really lookin forward 4 ur next stuff keep it up man 

Thanks a lot!

Wow! Very scary!

That was really fun! It gave me several heart attacks, and I really enjoyed the endings. All of them xD 
I believe you are in a good path to make more good horror stuff.

Well this game gave me surprises. Developer read my description there's a not e there for you. 

SCARY GAME! I kept getting jumped the whole playthrough! I recommend trying it out yourself! Here's my gameplay on it! 

thanks you :)

This is the scary of all time 10/10

All the endings..

Very nice game!

nice jumpscares! :D i enjoyed this little game!


Loved the jumpscares in this game! It was a fun playthrough

great horror game! really terrified me but i enjoyed it! HAHAH

thank you for playing:)

This one got me.. got me pretty good 

Vidéo en Français !

Je ne m’attendais pas à ce que le jeu que j’ai fait soit mangé par les français



yo first I just wanna say good shit on this game this game scared the draws out my ass 😂😂💯rate this a 10/10 keep up the good work ✊🏽

thanks!, I appreciate your rating :)

Thanks for the game, looking forward to your next projects! Keep it up!


amazing game!


game is full of cheap jumpscares and made me shit myself 10/10

thanks!, I’m not talented enough to make jumpscares but I bought the monsters with my first salary :)

"0/10 i cant sex the bunny😤😤😤😤😤😤"

Hello! I loved this game and it scared me a few times pretty good! I included it in my recent 3 scary games video. Your game is #3 in the video. Well done! 

Jump scares Were Insane

Gameplay en ESPAÑOL.

Enjoyed it

I really enjoyed this game, great job! So many jump scares and each hit pretty damn good, makes everything so tense. I found the secret bed ending, that's funny but great game! worth a play if you want to be scared!

Thanks!, I made the secret ending because when I wrote the game story script my brain was like : “hey!, the secret ending is sleeping in a stranger’s house”

Cool =]

This was fun. Thank you so much for putting it out into the world! 

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