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replace the lights in the monster's house

I've played some of YapGameDev's games. Here, is Replace the Lamp, where, you've given an usual task of changing the bulbs for the owner. The owner doesn't tell you that something is lurking in their home, and that perhaps, they set you up for something...deadly?  

Amazing game got scared a million times but i played both games here and oh yeah these were so worth it keep up the great work :)

lots of jumpscares and i Also liked the atmosphere and gaming experience

banger game bro 

Very good I had a lot of fun playing it, you did a great job

Gameplay PT-BR

Dalhe BR 

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Keep up the good work!

i will be playing the sequel soon (Game #3)

Good game bro! 

Well.. That was certainly terrifying... Especially when you know something is going to happen.. No escaping it either..

Adorei o jogo

quise  llegarlo a probar el primero , pero a la hora entrar el juego , en el menú , me llega a votar , lo  e intentado de instalar de nuevo , y me saca . 

Nice game bro! It was shocking when a jumpscare coming out in front of you, also what the heck with this freak/monster I really got scared XD. Nice work!!!

watafak mazafaka is this my dog

your dog looks kinda scary

I first want to apologize for the audio issues I had while playing your game. Forgot to turn my sound on for most of my recording, and tried to replace most of the sound effects. This was a real enjoyable game to play through and the jumpscares were on point. I couldn't really figure out how to get the last ending, but that's most likely because I have big stupid brain. Thank you for making this game and again sorry about the audio.

Im french, and for me this game was a really good game, nice screamer !! i liked LNM but this replace the lamp was really better for me, continue like this !

What a fun game! I could definitely feel the LNM vibes and I think it does a pretty good job of being similar but unique! My only real critique is audiobalance some of the voice acting, but I liked it overall!


Good job

stop stop stop 
5 or 6 times scared me 
but That was cool 

I made a video on this game (27:39)


Good horror

Great job making this, made me jump multiple times lol.

Super jumpscare j'adore 💕 

The idea of a simple task such as replacing lamps being so scary is a great idea for a game!  You did a good job with making this! Here's my let's play for it! 

thanks!, thanks for playing!

This one... This one got me good. The atmosphere is tense, and the jumpscares are very well-timed. I couldn't find the fuses at first, but with some stubborn determination, I got all 3 endings!

Thanks for Playing!!!

This is a scary and fun game.

Thank you for your wonderful work.

thanks for playing =)

cmon maaan, these jumpscares were unfair lol

Horrifying. Great game, managed to get all the endings, but I also got a lot of spooks. 10/10

We're gonna have to do another run! Had a great time with it, and yes you got me lol

I don't want to be an electrician...

Why must changing lights be so hard. Love the different ending.

thanks for playing!!!

Okay you got me with the jumpscares! 

Very thank you very much!!!, thanks for playing, hope you enjoy it :)

A good game and a good atmosphere! Fun!

Thanks for playing :)

Ah que buen juego, mira el video!

awesome game, I definitely got scared a couple of times Lol


Me ha gustado mucho! me aventuré con los 3 finales, de verdad espero el siguiente juego!!!

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