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An entity tries to kill you when all you want is to buy some food. Happens to me all the time.

Thank you for making this game~ (ㅅ´ ˘ `)

10/10 !!

Thank you for playing the game =)

Always keep an extra box of cereal ready.

Un juego corto en el que solamente quieres cenar antes de ir a dormir, pero no te dejan!

Gracias por jugar el juego :)

Omg that Jumpscare! My soul left my body haha! Game starts at 8:00. 

Gameplay from Indonesia 

Makasih dah mainin bro!

you're amazing bro keep it up :]

Thanks you bro =)

Just found this on GameJolt, good game. Got the "bad" ending.

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Whoa, thanks for playing!

I’ve never used GameJolt before so maybe it’s a reuploader, help me to report that profile. they have used our logo, and reuploaded our games without our permission.

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Now it says it's empty.

I've never used GameJolt either.

Thanks!, it’s been taken care of, and this is YapGamedev’s original profile, please follow me :D


well now i just want to eat too

Let him eat god dammit! Good job dev.

thanks you for playing!, i hope you found the good ending XD

epic prankster

i dont know guys, it seems he just want to eat

Nice Work =)

I made a video Just Want To Eat I will send you it YapGamedev

I hope you like it YapGamedev I appreciate you YapGamedev


Thanks for playing our game!, also thanks for subscribing!

we hope you will grow!, thank you!

amazing! this ghost is pretty funny

At some point it was a funny and enjoyable game! Loved it!

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Love this game

(Last game I play)

this was fun to play the monster got me good that second jump scare was something else


really funny and at the same time well made !


Played through an ending on stream today and really liked this one!  The scares were funny and relentless.  One or two got me pretty good :3  Come say hi someday dev!  Name on here is the same as my twitch.

Cool game
Cool game 


Nice game !


strange place, seems like jts either set in purgatory or bosnia. i love beign harrassed by astral beings

türkçe oyun videosu

This was a fun and interesting experience, I will admit ya got me with the scares. 


thanks brrrro!

This was a blast!  Thanks for making a fun game!

This game was so much fun! It did have some creepy parts and the jumpscare got me  . great little game! Your game is second and starts at 06:50 

So good... please leave a like if possible. Game #4 ;)

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that was the funniest looking demon i've seen- ahha

really fun, made me jump a few times but overall really cool!

I was so scared in the beggining, but later on I was laughing really hard. Really a cool and funny short experience. Now I want to know more about this friendship!

haha thanks bro!

All I wanted was some fooooood!

Hey Yapgamedev, thanks for yet another game! This one had more atmosphere than the one I played before, but I still have a couple of things for feedback for you, in the video. It was an interesting development of the story and how the monster got jealous of the main character eating, I bet he couldn´t stand it 😜


I wasn't expecting to get so scared by this, this was an absolutely great game and the voice acting made it that much greater! Keep up the great work and take care!


can you find GOOD ending?! Thanks!

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Hey I tried your game out at random and it was pretty funny, even though I kinda messed up and only bought one box of cereal LOL . Anyways I thought it was pretty funny and these types of games always perk up horror game streams for me so thanks. If you wanna see my playthrough check here

Thanks! xD

Fantastic game, great atmosphere, good ending actually felt rewarding(we don't get much of that in indie horror games XD). I would love to see more of this, or even better a new game from your team. Cheers!


Thanks Bro!

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protip: (to developer) you should zip the game files and just upload them, that way its possible to download your game through itch io game client aswell, setup is a lot of work otherwise

we just want test the new software, thanks bro!

Heres my go at the game, thought is was pretty fun, hope you enjoy! 

Just Want To Eat was undoubtedly one of my favourite indie horror games I've played in awhile, purely by how ridiculous it got. I don't usually have a slang in my videos, but my Malaysian accent came out in full force in this playthrough.

I loved it, and I would love to see more games you make if it features people just as done about things as the protagonist 😂


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