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You as an experienced electrician are assigned to install some lights in a haunted empty house in the middle of a dark and silent night.


You, as an electrician, wake up at 1 am because you hear the sound of your cellphone ringing. It turns out that a customer whose house has just been built assigns you to install lights in his dark, quiet and scary house.

You are getting ready to go to your customer's house but before that you go to an electric shop to buy some light bulbs.

About this Game:

Install the Lamp Horror Game is a continuation game from the previous game from YapGamedev entitled "Replace the Lamp" In this game a lot has changed, from some of the game mechanics, the quality of the graphics, and the story is somewhat longer than the RTL game.

This game has 5 endings and one of them is the main ending. download now and find all the endings!

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Dev Note :

HAI!, This game was actually released months ago, I pulled this game for several reasons, and now at the end of May, I decided to publish this game again, I don't expect anyone to download this game, but if you want to play this game feel free to click the download button =)

The developer of this game, actually I myself have stopped working on this game, which means this game will not get any more updates, I as the dev have lost the Unity project.

Sorry about that,


The estimated release date is the end of June, but that's still an estimate, because I will focus on the quality of the game, so that the game doesn't have a lot of bugs and errors, and makes everyone who plays the game feel uncomfortable and uninstall the game...

Alright, follow YapGamedev to find out about the upcoming game updates, Thanks =)

Support me by donating, no matter how much it is I will really appreciate it, and also I will use the donation money to buy assets for my future game, so I can make a better game than this game...

Thanks =)

Updated 2 days ago
Release date 63 days ago
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withBlender, FL Studio, Unity, Audacity, GIMP
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, Dark, First-Person, Horror, Multiple Endings, Short, Slice Of Life, Spooky
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksBuy me a Coffee, Donasi Saweria


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Fun little game!


thanks for playing!, I like your video :D

I really liked the game, although I think there should be a way to skip cutscenes because of the multiple endings, also I would love to know how to find the 5th ending because I couldn't figure it out, aside that it was fun, great work :)

Hi!, thanks for playing the game. try clicking on the text Ending Founded: 1/5, there will be a new panel that appears from the left of the screen, there you can see the ending list and you can also enabled some cheats, thanks :D


thanks for playing! :D

Good game, i like the story & simple objective. I also really curious to get all ending, but i stuck at 4, have no idea sorry hehe. Keep up your good work :) 

Thanks for playing the game! sorry if the game is too boring and a bit lagging :)

i just finished the game with all 5 endings! I like this one because it does a good job with the pace of the game as well as the monster worker man watching you while you work! Glad you love making games! GG dev :)


Thanks :) thanks for playing.

Yr welcome :)

FYI, this game will kill your stream. Had to force quit OBS and end this game in Task Manager. No thanks. 

Sorry but I’m trying to lower the quality of the game graphics basically, hope the same thing doesn’t happen again :)

I’m really sorry that my game is killing your stream…

In this game I’m using Unity3D HDRP so maybe some devices don’t support it.

Once again I am sorry.