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I didn't have enough time to be scared, but it was still good)

Played your game along a bunch of others in this last stream:

Really enjoyed your game.
Big fan! Can't wait for your next work!!

Great game! Yours is the last video:) 

Nice :)

Bit abrupt of an ending, but cool

Juego corto pero atemorizante. Vale mucho la pena. Gracias dev!

Good Stuff!

bruh i just wanted to go to bed 

I'm just trying to do what my momma tells me hahaha but of course that's not the case! Obviously, I'm playing a horror game, so at every corner I'm expecting the worst. And with the multiple objectives, that's a lot of frickin corners! But no matter how much of a good boy I am, there's no hiding from what's to come. I noticed a similar look, and possible reuse of assets and SFX from your other games. My only suggestion Dev, is try to make each game unique in its own way, and not seem like another variation of a previous game.

Good Work!

Thanks for playing, thanks for the feedback!


nice lill spook


This was a fun one, I appreciate the low poly style that was created.


I had way too much fun editing this video lol. If you could check it out, it would mean a lot!

Great game, enjoyed it!

I wish I saw what got me but oh well lolz. This was really fun 10/10

Very fun game. Great atmosphere! Your game is 3rd and starts at 10:34

quick and fun, not too scary but still good 

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Game starts @ 0:00

Sleep deprivation is one hell of a monster, especially late at night.

I actrually dont have that much bad to say about this game. I liked it. It has good athmoshpere, And kept me on my toes. Keep expanding and working and the next game could be a banger. Keep going. all love from Hadlandish

I am disappointed in this game seeing as it has potential. At the end the jump scare sound was scary but I didn't see a monster or anything which is where most of the disappointment is coming from. The house felt empty with only having a sink and I think shower in the bathroom. I didn't see a toilet at all. Even though this things are "small" details sometimes they help bring the whole game together. Also why was I taping literally everything?

I’m very sorry for the disappointment of this game, we made ALL the images, shapes & sounds only by ourselves, and also we coded by ourselves, sorry, look forward to our new game which is better than this game (Under development)

  • YapGamedev

Cool Game

The environment was spooky and the sounds were pretty well done to create a creepy ambience though the house felt a bit large and empty and there was the sudden change in the lighting when going into the basement.

Also not sure what the last jumpscare was supposed to be? Either way, it was a fun little game, good luck on future projects!



Hi YapGamedev, thanks for making this game. I had some feedback for your journey as an indie game dev in my video but I had a nice time doing my duckie stuff for the recording and playing your game, try to add a Main Screen for your games with the name of it and your contact information to make the player remember you.


quick and to the point! atmosphere was on point. was expecting a jump scare around every corner 


I was totally expecting something to jump out at me! You definitely got me with the scare! So take your W!


Little Funny Game, thank you for that!!!

Awesome game man! Further proof that sometimes doing simple everyday task can be made terrifying. Bed's a little lumpy thought, try memory foam next time.

Definitely a good game. May be short but still enough to make you jump. Thumbs up.


very boring tbh

Pretty good game. It has a nice simple layout, which is perfect for a game like this. The basement scene caught me off guard, and I wish that there were more things like it. That's my only problem, the built up tension doesn't really lead anywhere. All and all, wonderful game!


Great short horror game mane! my playthrough is RIGHT HERE!!!

Foi bem assustador na última parte !!!


I like when the game objective ask you to repair electricity but in the end ask you to turn off all the light hahaha. Nice short horror game. Wish u like my gameplay.

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Narrator being very mean!!!… like and comment if you enjoy. And the game was awesome I really did enjoyed keep up the good work!!! 😊 👍🏾 

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Hi! Your game looks interesting and I would like to play it, but unfortunately I don't have windows.

Could you export to linux? I thank!

Hi imZyll51 thanks for the suggestion, we YapGamedev are looking for a solution to build our game for linux…wait for this game update!


I played it…I thought I wasn’t gonna get scared…but I did.

I like it great work =D.

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