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A spooky little horror game, thank you for sharing.

Me gustó mucho!

I honestly loved the game jumpscared me good but sadly I never did find another bathroom

He loves water too much...


This was so low effort and not worth the 10 minutes.

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Thank you for your support! Try to feel like a 16 year old kid making games while being a student, staying up late every day from afternoon to morning, only getting 2-3 hours of rest, then continuing with full day school =)

BTW Thanks for playing!, now try my lastest game called Replace the Lamp 2, now available for Windows & FREE!


Don't make excuses on why your games are shitty. That is also lazy.

Yeah I can tell it was made in 2 weeks but it was cool wish it was better but it was good for how long it took you to make it

ending got me 

THis game was a trip to say the least

Hey man,

Just letting you know I played Another Bathroom and two of your other games (Waiting for the Bathroom and Home Moving Services) in this stream:

Really enjoyed this game

Another good game, very creepy and eerie. Well made and enjoyable 10/10 

Your skills are evolving with each new game mate, and this one was fantastic! Looked and sounded good, atmosphere was very creepy and the endings were both amazing! Keep up the good work!


Mon premier special 3 pour 1 de jeu d'horreur et voici les jeu en ordre chronologique - Another Bathroom ----------------------- Ce jeu se déroule dans un motel et tu as envies de prendre une douche à 2 heures du matin . Bizarre non. - The pizza ------------------------------------- Tu prépare une fête et tu commande 4 pizzas pour tes invités(es) mais tout se déroule vraiment pas comme prévue. - The house in the wood ---------------- Tu es perdu dans la foret et des voix de douleur te conduises tout droit à une maison abandonnée dans les bois....

If I had to go through all this just to take a shower I would be the stinkiest person ever! lol I got both endings to this game. I am so glad that it has a " common sense " Ending 😂 It was a fun interesting experience though . I do wish it had more of a sprint but that added to the tense atmosphere I guess. Great little indie game!


Thanks you =)

hi YapGameDev again I want tell you to let know I beat Another Bathroom I hope this one I hope I get cadit for this I put I give you the link I hope you like it YapGameDev…



why is it another bathroom???? 

Had a blast with this one! Really good game, thank you for making!

nicee game! well done with the jumpscares!

saludos desde latam :) 

I had a lot of fun with this one, the person was a bit too fearless....

Interesting game


Its a pretty good game, well done!

This game was pretty cool! Also when i was getting the bad ending the atmosphere with the darkness and the creepy forest was suprisingly scary and well made! gg dev :)



Yr welcome :)

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Semangat Bikin Game Horror Selanjutnya!

makasih sudah bermain bgg! =)

Nice game!

so good i love the game

This scared me so bad, you have been the only person to actually scare me in a long time, I love your games they are amazing!

The premise had me a bit confused, but it's likely due to cultural differences, and I did run into a few bugs. I do have to say though, that the payoff got me extremely well.


Thanks for playing!, you play older version of the game, and in that version I forgot to turn off the “dev Mode” in the game, so when you press the shift button, the game will speed up the time up to 20 times, sorry about it, I have handled it and has been updated to version 2.5

I was too tired when publishing this game on I didn’t have to sleep for about 20 hours, I didn’t rest after developing the game but instead published the game, as a result a few things I didn’t pay attention to, And I didn’t test the game first …

And also I work alone, there is no team, but well the game developer is my hobby …

so sorry for the bug ..

thanks =)

No problem at all, if anything it made me laugh. Best of luck with future games, I've enjoyed everything I've played from you so far.

Comments below clip:

I had 2 options: go back to my room or look for another bathroom. With a killer on the loose the former was the most logical choice. I'm sure bad things would have happened had I gone looking for that other bathroom, but in this case I wanted to survive for a change :o]

I didn't run into any bugs, hiccups or other snags. Thanks for making this game and kudos to all involved!


Your game is getting better and better.  I love the story, all endings, and the camera view in the beginning & the end of game. Good Job! 

I tried to go to lady's bathroom instead firstXD

can't  stop myself try to look back while chasing! Running speed was so slow, maybe because  mine was the first version. But it was fun! Thank you!

thanks for playing! walking speed is automatic, so at certain times the walking speed will change using the code in the game

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possible to add Korean? and walking speed is too slow

sorry, for the Korean language I don’t understand and haven’t learned anything about Korean, sorry, thanks for the advice

you can use translator haha

This was really good! Got both the endings. Totally didn't get jumped by the guy in that bathroom Lol. Made a video on it.



Hello, good game, congratulations, I want you to subscribe to my youtube channel, greetings

Hello, I played this game and I really liked it, great job :)


thanks for playing!, I enjoyed your gameplay video, thanks :)

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can you use latest version of Unity?

I think Unity 2021 is old version

and you there is a bug, you can fall off the map when you go looking for other bathroom

many reasons i am using untiy 2021 version

One of the reasons is that the Character Controller that I have can’t run on Unity 2022, or in the latest version, there are lots of bugs that appear if I force myself to use the character controller that I made from the first time I made a horror game.

For the first time, I made the character controller from the Untiy 2019 version, and I chose the 2019 version of Unity because before I was still using a potato laptop,

And as for the bug, I can’t find the bug, can you provide a video clip of the bug? It will really help me to develop the game better.

Thanks =)

here is bug video

Thanks you!, I will fix it ASAP!

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